“Cir Trail” Dantercepies

Info “Cir trail” Dantercepies

The Cir trail arises from the cable car mountain station Dantercepies expiring at the Passo Gardena. This flow trail is an interesting run both for beginners and advanced bikers. It is part of the Sella Ronda (clockwise direction).

Not only the flowing line and different elements like jumps, northshores and doubles, but particularly the arresting and unique panorama in the middle of the Dolomites, lead to an unforgettable adventure on this trail.

Technical details CIR Trail Dantercepies

location: Wolkenstein (BZ) – cable car mountain station Dantercepies

length: approx. 1,8 km

difference in altitude: 180 m

average slope: approx. 10%, perfect slope for flowtrails