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About us

The T&B Factory offers its customers holistic solutions in the field of trailbuilding (flow trails, downhill, freeride, pumptracks) and bike parks. This includes full project support, from planning and trailbuilding to maintenance and marketing of the bike structure.

The drive for our work is the passion for biking. We are experienced mountain bikers ourselves and therefore we know exactly how to structure a trail or training park in order to be accepted by all kind of bikers.

Every plan is based on a detailed on-site inspection, during which the natural conditions are carefully examined. The optimal integration of our trails and parks into nature is just as important as a technically demanding and well thought-out and interesting course. Our claim is that each of our trails must be unique and blend in perfectly with the environment meanwhile it gets all technical characteristic for a sustainable trail. That’s our philosophy.

MTB Trails & Parks Projects

training parC

trail building



We create feasibility studies, master plans, preliminary projects and implementation projects according to your ideas and after a precise analysis of the terrain.
implementation and maintenance
We organize and coordinate the trailbuilding of your project (downhill track, flow trails, pumptrack, bike park) and support you with maintenance so that the bike product is always in optimal condition for your customers.
destination development
We know the needs of the target group of mountain bikers from many years of practical experience and know which offers can generate added value. Based on the local conditions, we create a sustainable concept together for the development of your successful mountain bike destination.
We provide you with renderings, photos and videos so that you can advertise and market the bike product before and during the construction phase.